About us

We are a team of experienced caravan trade gurus with ample years of experience within the trade industry, we take pride in giving our clients a great price for there static caravans, We have a reputation of being honest, Reliable and trustworthy with every client we sell too.

Why choose us?

Choosing our services to sell you a static caravan comes with multiple benefits. We have a reputation of going the extra mile for anyone who decides to become one of our customers. we don't just point you in the right direction if you tell us what you are looking for and the purpose of use of owning a static caravan we will go above and beyond to find you a caravan that ticks all your boxes.

We also have a tendency to deliver the best customer service around, we are friendly and patient through the whole process of finding and purchasing a static caravan - The world is your oyster as so they say.

Our Services

We can carry out a full comprehensive assessment at your property to determine if receiving a static caravan at your premises is a viable option, however, there may be a small charge for this service. For more information see the FAQ Section of our website



Sean O'Sullivan

Sean is our cheerful Sales Advisor and Operations Manager. Sean will be the one who you will be meeting in our yard, he will do everything he can to help you choose a static caravan that suits your specific needs, he has got 9 Years of experience in the caravan industry. Sean has had countless comments about him going that extra mile for customers who buy from us.


Byron Whiteside

Byron is one of the best when it comes down to operations, he will plan transport, find you an amazing caravan if we don't have it in stock and makes everything go smoothly. Byron is especially good at customer service which we value more than anything else.

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